Thursday, August 12, 2010

Frozen Peaches with Orange Juice

When I saw boxes of canning peaches for sale at the grocery store last week, I decided to freeze a little sunshine for us  later this winter.  Last year when we were at a friends house for lunch she served us peaches frozen in orange juice concentrate... over ice cream I think.  They were delicious!  

I started with a box of 60 canning peaches.

I also bought 4 canisters of orange juice concentrate.  

I put the orange juice concentrate in a bowl.  I didn't add any water. 

Then to remove the peach skins before freezing,  I got a pot of water boiling. 
I put three peaches in it at a time for 1 minute and then put them in a bowl of ice water to cool them off.  

Next I sliced up the peaches .  

Then I put them in the orange juice and stirred them around until well coated. 

After the peach slices were coated in orange juice concentrate I ladled them out into freezer bags, letting most but not all of the orange juice drain off.  

I put them in freezer bags and with enough orange juice to be able to squeeze out all air pockets.  Then I laid them flat to freeze.  I did 3 peaches at a time because that is about how many I think my family would use at a time, but you could do whatever you like.  

If you like sweeter peaches I think you could add some sugar and use less orange juice, but I like the natural tanginess that the peaches with orange juice make.   

So, if you are looking to save some sunshine for the long winter approaching, give this a try :)

*insert photo of peaches and ice cream here*

Enjoy :)


  1. This sounds good. Having grown up with tree ripened peaches it's had to buy the store ones, but I may have to get some & try them this way.

  2. This looks good! Peaches are in season down here right now!

  3. Yum! You have some very good looking recipes and really creative ideas! Love the green purse :)

  4. I got some local peaches and did this tonight, except I thought I had orange juice at home, but it turned out to be orange peach mango...which turned out just awesome! I love it!