Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Felted Purse

Out of all my projects so far, this is probably the one that gets used the most often. I use this purse a lot- especially when I feel like showing off my creative side :)  

I dyed the wool for this project at the same time that I dyed the wool for my 2 sock projects which you will see further on down my blog.  

I hand spun the yarn and then crochet it into an open box shape (I don't do patterns!!!).  

I then threw it into the washing machine to felt.  

Afterwards I added a flower and and a button which I made in a pottery class I took. 

 I did purchase the handles for this one!
Before Felting (above)
After Felting- I didn't add the flower until after the felting.  

Oh! I also won Grand Prize on this purse at the county fair this summer :)

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