Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Crochet Hook Holder

I bought this wonderfully colorful wool and I was going to be smart and spin it into a chunky yarn so I could knit up a hat real fast.  It turned out that it was a bit too chunky and there was not nearly enough for a project!  I should have spun it into fine yarn and then I would have actually been able to make something with it!  
So, anyways this skein sat around for awhile until I just decided to knit up a square and see what I could make of it.  
Then I decided to throw it into the washing machine and felt it.
The colors still looked good! 
I especially like the colors from this angle :)
Somehow I came up with an idea that I needed a place to keep all my crochet hooks, so I hand stitched on some fabric scraps to make the little pockets.  
I attached a ribbon to tie it shut...
... and  now I have a bright colorful crochet hook holder!

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