Friday, March 25, 2011

Art Yarn to Hat

I've never spun "art yarn" before, but now I can tell you it was fun and I'd like to try it again sometime!

I started by blending several different fibers together with just my fingers.  I did a very chunky type of blend to let the different types of fibers really stand out. I started with a reddish variegated wool batt that had some sparkly metallic fibers blended in. Then I added some snips of recycled sari silk loom ends in red, burgundy, and turquoise. Then I cut up some leftover lavender eyelash yarn I had and threw that in. I also added a pile of curly wool locks that had been individually dyed several colors such as gold, red, orange, peach, pink, blue, and turquoise. 

The next step was spinning the yarn.  It was really fun to watch how it all came together as I was spinning.  I was careful to leave the curly ends of the wool locks hanging out from the yarn for interesting texture.  I  plied the yarn into 2-ply for extra durability.  

Here is the finished skein- fun stuff :)

I made myself a crochet hat that is roomy enough to wear even when my hair is up without getting my hair all messed up.  This isn't a great picture of the finished product, but it'll have to do!  I do enjoy wearing my hat and I've even had a few compliments :)


  1. Love it! Hope you don't mind if I stop by now and again..must have found you via your mom on fb who is my 2nd cousin!! You are so talented..keep it all up!!