Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pottery Class

Recently, I took a pottery class through our community education program.  It's the third pottery class I've taken, each in a different location and with a different teacher.  I wanted to take this class to get more practice using the potters wheel.  Even though I've had a little experience with the wheel, it was surprising how long it took for me to get the feel for it again!  I enjoyed playing around with the clay and I made quite a few pieces.  I found the most challenging or frustrating part for me was actually the glazing process because you never know just what color it is going to turn out to be.  I had a few pieces I really liked, until the color came out all wrong.  The color really makes or breaks the piece in the end!

Pinched Bowl

Slab Formed Mugs

Carved Slab Built Mugs

Mugs made on the wheel. 

I would like to do more pottery, but buying a potters wheel and a kiln is obviously my biggest hurdle.  Maybe someday I'll find a good deal on a some used ones!